Enhancing Office Worker Health and Well-Being: The Impact of FitatDesk App

Shashank Ahire

1 min read

Studies have indicated that office workers, often referred to as knowledge workers, face an increased risk of health issues such as obesity, heart disease, back pain, and anxiety. In the post-COVID-19 era, these professionals are reevaluating their health priorities and seeking roles that support a harmonious balance between work and well-being.

Promoting active breaks is particularly vital for office workers, who typically spend around 80% of their workday sitting. High-stress work environments have been linked to conditions like hypertension and heart disease, underscoring the importance of incorporating physical activity and mindfulness exercises for stress reduction, energy restoration, ergonomic injury prevention, and cardiovascular health. Moreover, research has underscored the negative impact of dehydration on cognitive function and mood during work. Consequently, it is imperative for knowledge workers to remain physically active, manage stress effectively, and maintain proper hydration throughout their work hours.

To assist knowledge workers in enhancing their health and well-being while on the job, we have developed the FitatDesk application. This innovative app incorporates voice interventions to provide timely reminders to knowledge workers regarding sedentary behavior, hydration, and stress management. FitatDesk continuously tracks sedentary time, water intake, and heart rate, aiming to promptly identify health and well-being issues and offer appropriate coping exercises.

To evaluate the performance of FitatDesk, we conducted a field study involving 15 office workers over a five-day period. FitatDesk proved to be effective in helping knowledge workers address concerns related to sedentary behavior, irregular water intake, and stress management. During the study, participants followed water intake recommendations 92% of the time and engaged in short walks in response to 79% of the suggested breaks. Notably, the '4-7-8' breathing exercise was highly successful in stabilizing participants' heart rates, with a significant improvement observed within 30 seconds for high heart rate and within 10 seconds for low heart rate. The voice-based interventions also garnered a favorable acceptance rate among users.

This study demonstrates the positive impact of the FitatDesk app on the health and well-being of office workers and highlights its potential to improve the quality of work life for knowledge workers.